Exclusive: Sundance winner ‘Animal Kingdom’ poster

06.16.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

The Los Angeles Film Festival kicks off tomorrow and both Drew McWeeny and myself will be covering as much as we can of the 10-day event in its new downtown digs. The festival has an incredibly intriguing slate this year including a number of notable titles from January’s Sundance Film Festival that will soon be slowly debuting nationwide.  One of those is the Sundance World Cinema Jury Prize winner “Animal Kingdom.” 

The Australian thriller is already significant critical and box office hit down under with Time Out Sydney referring to it as “the closest thing we get to an Australian ‘Godfather.'”  That’s because the thriller is inspired by events in Melbourne’s shady crime scene (who knew?) and centers on a 17-year-old caught in the crossfire of his notoriously evil Grandmother, his Uncles (professional armed robbers) and the chance to free himself of their influence by testifying against him.  Sadly, neither McWeeny or I could screen “Animal” at Sundance, but we’ll be making sure to see it at LAFF. 

Audiences will be able to gauge the hype surrounding “Kingdom” when it debuts August 13 in New York and Los Angeles as a late summer treat.  While there is no official U.S. trailer yet, check out this exclusive debut of the poster below.

Will “Kingdom” make your screening list?  Share your thoughts below.

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