Exclusive: SUPERMAN #36 deals with a disenfranchised hero bent on ‘helping’ humanity

The multiverse continues to play a large role with SUPERMAN #36. 

A quick recap, in case you”re just joining us. Superman has a new BFF. His name is Ulysses and he is the mirror image of the Man of Steel. A child born of Earth, he was shunted into “Dimension 4” by his human scientist parents when they became convinced Earth was doomed to destruction from matter leaking in from yet another dimension. Decades later, Ulysses returned to his home world while hunting his enemy Klerik and was shocked to find Earth – and his parents – alive and well. Oh, and Ulysses was also exhibiting very Superman-esque powers from exposure to his adopted universe.

Bonding over shared experiences, Superman and Ulysses become the duo known to us as the “Men of Tomorrow,” because who doesn”t love a good future-past reference?

Photo Credit: DC Entertainment

All right. Everyone got it? When we rejoin our heroes, they aren”t exactly making friendship bracelets. Superman and Ulysses might be an unstoppable team, but the Man of Steel refuses to help when Ulysses uncovers a larger menace threatening the Earth. But why? Plus, Superman is about to undergo a metamorphosis…but what is it?

After the jump, we”ve got a sneak peek at the first five pages of SUPERMAN #36 and let”s just say, Ulysses is falling into that old trap where the picture of perfection you built up in childhood fantasy collides with dumb old flawed reality.

Also after the jump, be sure to get your first look at John Romita Jr.”s Man of Steel collectible statue. The limited edition Superman figure will be on sale July 2015.

SUPERMAN #36 will be on sale 11/26.