Exclusive: Superman Prepares For ‘Man of Tomorrow’ In Stunning Cover Art Transformation

Even though it doesn't hit your local comic book shop until June 25th, 'Superman #32' has such an explosive storyline a Director's Cut is already planned. 

'The Man Of Tomorrow' is being heralded as a new era for Superman. Written by DC all-star Geoff Johns, the arc introduces the mysterious Ulysses into the Metropolis mythos. A strange visitor from another world, Ulysses's life parallels that of the Man of Steel in many aspects. He has been rocketed from a world with no future and hopes to make a life on Earth. But what is the true purpose of this Man of Tomorrow?

The legendary John Romita Jr. joins DC Comics for the first time ever to bring Ulysses to life. You can catch this new story in Superman #32 June 25th or snag the 48-page full color collection in the 'Director's Cut of Superman #32' on September 3rd. Or both. Both is usually the right answer.

Check out our exclusive look at the wrap-around full color and black and white variant covers for Superman #32. And be sure to get a glimpse of the initial pencils – which will be showcased as the cover of the Director's Cut Superman #32 – at the bottom to witness the process of creation from start to finish!

Image Credit: DC Entertainment
Image Credit: DC Entertainment
Image Credit: DC Entertainment
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