Exclusive: The claws come out in WONDER WOMAN ’77 #7

If movies and comics have taught me anything, it”s that archaeology is a dangerous profession. Between the cursed tombs, the Nazis, and the ancient relics bestowing powers and/or killing at will, it”s astonishing anyone still enters the field.

Such is the case again the latest issue of DC Comics digital-first special WONDER WOMAN “77 #7. Starring Lynda Carter, the series is based on the classic “Wonder Woman” television show. In the latest chapter – available Thursday August 27th wherever digital comics are sold – Dr. Barbara Minerva”s life”s work is pushed to the side by the museum director. Why? To make room for an exhibit about everyone”s favorite Amazon Princess. But the ambitious archeologist isn”t about to go down quietly.

That”s when things get mythologically messy. From the official press release:

A well-renowned scientist, jealous of the attention her museum is giving to Wonder Woman, gains cat-like powers through some museum artifacts and becomes The Cheetah!

HitFix Harpy has an exclusive sneak preview Dr. Minerva before her transformation and of the Wonder Woman museum exhibit that will drive her to seek revenge.