Exclusive: The ‘Gone Girl’ Amazing Amy cover you won’t believe actually exists

In the eight days since “Gone Girl” debuted it has gone from a critical success to a box office wonder to something of a pop culture phenomenon. People can't stop talking about it. The New Yorker, er, online outlets can't stop writing essays about it. And moviegoers are going back for a second viewing. Chances are you've already seen David Fincher's adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-selling novel. We hope you have because we have something very special to share with you…

…but you really need to have seen the movie.

Now, assuming you have caught “Gone Girl” in the theater, you're well aware that Amy Dunne (the fantastic Rosamund Pike) was the childhood inspiration for her parents' “Amazing Amy” book series. Those stories have haunted Dunne her entire adult life as “Amazing Amy” always seems to be one step ahead of the “real” Amy. The covers of some of the “Amazing Amy” novels, beautifully illustrated by artist Kirk Van Wormer, were recently made available as a free iTunes book download. There was, however, one particular cover missing. And it's likely the final cover of the entire “Amazing Amy” series (well, maybe).

20th Century Fox was kind enough to provide this exclusive to HitFix which you can view at the bottom of this post.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead. Do not scroll down unless you want a major plot point about the movie revealed.]

[We're not kidding people.]

[Seriously. Stop here if you don't want to find out a major spoiler.]

Pretty fun? No. We're dying to hear Ellen Abbot's reaction to it.

“Gone Girl” is now playing nationwide.