Exclusive: THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN Chapter 12 features a family crisis for Etta

When you say “DC”s Digital First” comics, most people think of tie-ins to other franchises like MORTAL KOMBAT X or BATMAN “66 MEETS THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. And yes, those comics do exist. But DC Comics has also been cranking out some amazing feminist content in the form of BOMBSHELLS and SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN. The former is still up and running (and I highly suggest you check it out) but sadly the latter ended its run last October with Chapter 51.

Fortunately, THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN has picked up the slack and in my opinion is one of the most refreshing takes on Diana in a long time. Back in November, I was lucky enough to reveal the first few pages of the new comic along with an interview with writer Renae De Liz. Since then the comic has grown into a mythological retelling of Diana”s growth from beloved child to independent teenager to defender of Steve Trevor to befriending Etta Candy (Wonder Woman”s original BFF).

In Chapter 12 – on sale today – what starts as a crisis of family for Etta may end up introducing Diana to a way to carve her niche in the world of Man. Below, HitFix Harpy got an exclusive look inside the issue. If you”re not one for Digital First comics, not to worry! After three chapters are released, they are then bundled together and sent out into the world. THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN #1 is in stores now and #2 will be released on 2/10/16!