Exclusive: This cowboy is more than he seems in STARFIRE #5

Starfire hasn”t been on Earth very long, but she”s already getting the full experience. From meeting the Key West locals to surviving her first hurricane to helping to vanquish a monster from under the Earth, it”s been a very busy few days. Oh, and garden gnomes might be based on the first interstellar species to map the galaxy…so there”s that.

You meet the most unusual people on vacation. Sometimes it”s an extraterrestrial woman drinking a beer, and sometimes it”s a guy who looks like a beach bum but isn”t. In STARFIRE #5, it”s both!

While the main story of the issue focuses Starfire and her new friend Atlee dealing with the fallout from the Chida monster, there”s always a good B-plot rumbling along in the background. Who is Soren Hook, how did he end up in the middle of the ocean during the hurricane, and why is he willing to kill to keep his secret? In the exclusive STARFIRE #5 sneak peek granted to HitFix Harpy, writers Jimmy Palimiotti and Amanda Conner finally tease out some answers…

…but they only lead to MORE questions.

STARFIRE #5 hits comic books shelves on 10/14.