Exclusive: Veronica Lodge makes her fashionable late debut in ARCHIE #3

Two issues into their modernized reboot, Archie Comics is flying high. The debut ARCHIE #1 sold over 100,000 copies in July 2015, sending it back for the second printing.

And it”s easy to see why. The story and the art are stunning to say the least. Writer Mark Waid and artist Fiona Staples have made balancing on the knife”s edge of updating these iconic characters without sacrificing their core identities look easy. But something – or someone – has been missing. Veronica Lodge.

That ends in ARCHIE #3! Something strange looms over the Riverdale horizon – a giant mega-mansion owned by a reclusive mogul. While no one is sure why he chose the sleepy town of Riverdale as his home base, rumor has it he plans to use the local teens to further his political aspirations. Meanwhile, a new student has enrolled in Riverdale High and she is turning heads and making frenemies in a big way!

ARCHIE writer Mark Waid is excited to shake things up, as Veronica adds a new element to Riverdale.

“The ultra-rich Veronica Lodge arrives at Riverdale High like a hurricane, upending students and faculty alike. Some love her, some hate her, but after today, no one's ever going to forget her–least of all her newest frenemy, Betty Cooper!”

HitFix Harpy got an exclusive peek at an extensive – albeit for now silent – exchange between Veronica Lodge and Archie Andrews!