Exclusive: When Dracula meets Sherlock on the ‘Firefly’ ship, things go exactly as you expect

Last summer, HitFix Harpy caught up with Freddie Wong at SDCC to talk about his upcoming collaboration between his production company RocketJump and Hulu. Since then, the fruits of that labor have come to pass in the form of RocketJump: The Show.

Teaming up with Lionsgate Television, RocketJump created eight full episodes for Hulu, each dealing with a different genre. From the Wild West to fan fiction and beyond, each week the show will produce a short film and invite viewers to deep dive into the process of making movies. Even a small-scale production is a group effort that takes untold hours to produce the finished product.

HitFix Harpy got an exclusive look at the short film produced “Fan Friction” produced for “RocketJump: The Show.” In the clip above, two friends team up to make an AU (Alternate Reality) where Sherlock Holmes and Dracula must fight for Malcolm Reynolds using mythology from Star Wars. Just your average fanfic really. But things take a hard – pun intended – left turn when one author wants to write battles and the other wants to write smut.

Below, get another exclusive look behind-the-scenes of “RocketJump: The Show”!

“RocketJump The Show” premieres on December 2, only on Hulu.