Exclusive: Your first look at the one-sheet for ‘Bellflower’

Have I mentioned yet that I love “Bellflower”?

Just describing the film to someone makes me happy.  I’ve been doing my best to make sure other critics show up for the movie when it plays SXSW next week, and I know I’ll be seeing it again at least once during the festival.

I’m excited to hear that that Evan Glodell is going to be bringing Medusa with him to the festival.  And who or what is Medusa, you may ask?  Well, I’ll let the press release from the filmmakers explain that for you:

“Visionary filmmaker Evan Glodell will be celebrating his SXSW 2011 premiere of Oscilloscope Laboratories” BELLFLOWER this weekend by unveiling his hand-crafted, road ready and apocalypse-equipped car – Medusa.  This unforgettable machine creates some of the film”s most high-octane moments amidst the romance cum revenge-fantasy tale of Woodrow”s journey of love, betrayal and vengeance.  

Glodell, a former engineering student, constructed Medusa to be a real-life road monster.  Unlike the Batmobile, Glodell”s Medusa is the real deal – no CGI or special camera tricks needed…the extraordinary features you see in the film are the same features you will see when you meet Medusa in person!  

Medusa is equipped with two fuel injected exhaust flamethrowers with a 30,000 volt ignition system, smoke screen, a bleach drift-kit, adjustable rear suspension, 3 surveillance cameras (all in which are controlled from the dashboard), a customized apocalypse exhaust system, 6-71 Supercharger, posi rear end, a self-contained oxygen supply for chemical or underwater warfare, a roll cage, stow-able fold-down back seat and occasionally holds a sawed-off shotgun in the trunk in case of emergency.   

Medusa is available for demonstrations throughout the 2011 SXSW Film Festival!

BELLFLOWER was a critic and audience favorite at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival for its visceral energy and gorgeous imagery all of which come together in a story of love and explicit mayhem on the outskirts of L.A.”
If you didn’t read my review of the film during Sundance, you can find it here.  You can watch my interview with Glodell here, and you can see my interview with the rest of the cast here.

And now, thanks to the fine folks over at Oscilloscope Laboratories, we’ve got the first teaser poster for the film as an exclusive premiere tonight.  Color me thrilled to be able to share this with you:

“Bellflower” will play three times during SXSW, and will be released by Oscilloscope Laboratories on July 22, 2011.