The ‘Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ TV Show May Bring Back Two ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Favorites

Marvel Studios

Over the weekend, we learned a bit more about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. No, not the long-awaited update to the ’80s Timothy Hutton-Sean Penn spy movie; we mean the much-anticipated Disney+ Marvel show that will follow frenemies (who might really just be enemies) Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, the two men who were most vying for Steve Rogers’ affections before he went off to literally grow old with old flame Agent Peggy Carter instead.

Now we have some more concrete details. As per Deadline, it will be a miniseries, running only six episodes, all of which will be directed by Kari Skogland, a TV vet who’s helmed episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, Boardwalk Empire, The Americans, and The Punisher.

We’ve already known that Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan would reprise their roles as Sam/Falcon and Bucky/Winter Soldier, but Deadline is now reporting that two more Captain America movie vets will join them. Emily Van Camp may return as former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, niece of Peggy, and with whom Chris Evan’s Steve Rogers had a little fling in Civil War. (Do you think Steve mentioned that to Peggy when they reunited at Endgame’s end?)

Speaking of Civil War, the main baddie of the Cap threequel could return as well: Daniel Bruhl’s Helmut Zemo, the terrorist who attempted to take down the Avengers and succeeded mostly in getting them to all fight each other on an airport tarmac.

So that’s nice. Also, don’t forget: At the end of Endgame, the geriatric Steve bequeathed Sam his mighty shield. So that will probably play some hand in Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s shenanigans.

(Via Deadline)