Felicity Jones Will Be Your First ‘SNL’ Host Of 2017 (Provided America Still Exists Next Year)

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12.18.16 5 Comments

Considering how 2016 has played out, we completely understand if you have absolutely no plans at the ready for 2017 beyond survive and maybe see if that new Jumanji movie is any good. Aside from that? Um, we’re not quite sure what’s going to happen. No one is. The upside is that we know Saturday Night Live has revealed their first host/musical guest combo of 2017 which will totally come in handy provided America still exists in the next few years.

As revealed on last night’s Casey + Chance anchored episode, Rogue One star Felicity Jones will be making her debut appearance as an SNL host on January 14. Jones will be joined by critically gushed over neo-traditionalist country fella Sturgill Simpson and she’ll also 95% likely to appear in a Rogue One parody lampooning loyal viewer and president-elect Donald Trump. Just a hunch.

At the moment, Saturday Night Live has shifted into hibernation mode. (As one does after showcasing the raw sensuality of Beck Bennet as a shirtless Putin.) Still, the gift of this year’s incredible Dave Chappelle + A Tribe Called Quest episode is waiting for viewers on Christmas Eve and provides an excellent excuse for getting out of Midnight Mass. “Hmm? No, sorry, Negan’s about to destroy Clayton Bigsby and that has the nativity beat.”

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