FilmDistrict to distribute ‘Christ the Lord’ movie base on Anne Rice’s novel

FilmDistrict has announced that they are going to distribute the Cyrus Nowrasteh directed movie “Christ the Lord.” The movie is based on Anne Rice’s novel, “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt.” No specific date for the release has been announced, but FilmDistrict plans to release the movie sometime in March of 2015.
Anne Rice is best known for her “Vampire Chronicles” series of novels featuring Lestat who was played by Tom Cruise in “Interview with the Vampire.” “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt” is the first book in a different set of novels, the second of which is “Christ the Lord: Road to Cana.” The novels are a fictionalized version of the story of Jesus, and “Out of Egypt” deals with the character as a young boy.
The script for “Christ the Lord” is from Nowrasteh and his wife, Betsy Nowrasteh. The film is being produced by 1492 Pictures’ Chris Columbus, Mark Radcliffe, and Michael Barnathan as well as Hyde Park Entertainment, CJ Entertainment, and Ocean Blue Entertainment.