Final ‘Annie’ trailer wisely sidelines Cameron Diaz, is still pretty terrible

The final trailer for “Annie” is here! ORANGE you excited? Groan!

I already explained why the musical reboot is probably going to be terrible way back in March, and people are still leaving hateful comments on it. “No one gives two fucks about what Chris E. think's about the new version of Annie,” says user SPS. Touche! Even I couldn't give two fucks about it, and I wrote the article.

In fairness, this is slightly less heinous than the first couple of trailers, mostly because they chose to sideline Cameron Diaz and whatever is going on with that accent. And some of the interplay between Quvenzhane Wallis and co-star Jamie Foxx actually seems kinda charming, I guess. But that's all. Still annoyed. Still dreading it.

Check out the trailer, then let us know what you think in the comments.

“Annie” hits theaters on December 19.