What The Heck Is Written On Finn’s Medical Pod In ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer?

Like any fandom, Star Wars has levels. The majority of fans love the movies and that’s where it stops. Maybe they buy some toys or t-shirts. That’s totally cool. There’s no wrong way to love a fandom (unless you’re a gatekeeping jerk). But then there are the fans who also watch the television series. And it just keeps layering from there. The fans who read all the books, who play the tabletop role-playing game, who know about the Expanded Universe.

Then there’s the pedantic jerks who translate the Star Wars written language of Aurebesh looking for clues about the franchise. I’m one of those jerks. So when Star Wars: The Last Jedi showed Finn (John Boyega) inside what looked to be a medical pod with Aurebesh all over it, my immediate thought was “What does it say?”

Lucasfilm was clearly hoping no one would ask that question because the answer appears to be hilariously lazy. Now, to be fair I couldn’t translate the entire thing because the text is red and translucent. But what I could make out? Complete gibberish. “adsf afgh.” Someone just mashed on the keyboard and hoped no one would notice. But I did.

To be fair, there was at least one real word on the pod. The top right bit states “Stable” so at least we know Finn is (relatively) okay. Which is good news!

But Lucasfilm should know by now that fans are ravenous and will pick apart even the tiniest morsel looking for the juicy spoiler marrow. Come on, guys.