First ‘Ender’s Game’ poster offers a glimpse of the zero-gravity Battle Room

03.25.13 6 years ago

Asa Butterfield is heading into Battle.

The “Hugo” star, who portrays the title character in Gavin Hood’s forthcoming adaptation of the Orson Scott Card novel “Ender’s Game,” features prominently (albeit from behind) in the film’s first poster, which gives us a glimpse of the zero-gravity Battle Room that serves as the primary training ground for Ender and his fellow military recruits.

“[The Battle Room is] the high school football field, only it”s in three dimensions,” said Hood in an interview with Yahoo! Movies, which debuted the one-sheet on Monday. “It”s the size of a football field in all directions: up, down, left, right. And the idea is teams jump out from opposite ends of this amazing space and play this amazing game of 3D paintball, almost.”

Set in the near future, “Ender’s Game” centers on Ender Wiggins (Butterfield), a brilliant young strategist groomed as the Earth’s next great military commander who will one day lead his fellow soldiers into battle against a race of hostile alien invaders known as Formics. Also starring Ben Kingsley, Harrison Ford, Hailee Steinfeld, Moises Arias, Aramis Knight, Abigail Breslin and Viola Davis, the film is slated for release on November 1.

Check out the poster below and let us know what you think.

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