First ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ teaser begins with an outbreak in Los Angeles

When AMC gave its “Walking Dead” companion series the imperative title “Fear the Walking Dead,” there was some discussion of whether the series was a “Walking Dead” prequel or just a parallel story.

We appear to have our answer. 

AMC debuted the first “Fear the Walking Dead” trailer during Sunday (March 29) night's season finale for “The Walking Dead” and it looks like the companion series will be starting from the beginning.

While the first trailer doesn't feature any footage of stars including Cliff Curtis or Kim Dickens, it showcases East Los Angeles (or Silverlake, I suppose), as well as talk about an encroaching virus in five states. 

Flu shots won't help!

Here's the first 15 second teaser:

“Fear the Walking Dead” premieres in summer 2015.