First ‘Jane Got a Gun’ pics reveal a movie at the heart of a maelstrom

Wait, are these official “Jane Got a Gun” stills or distant mirages hanging on the horizon of a long and winding road? It”s easy to believe the latter. After original director Lynne Ramsay (“We Need to Talk About Kevin”) bailed from the Natalie Portman-led Western on the first day of shooting, producers scrambled to find a replacement, recruiting “Warrior” director Gavin O”Connor to save the day.The switch turned “Jane Got a Gun” became a rotating door for high-profile actors, with Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender joining and departing the cast. Ewan McGregor eventually joined Portman and Joel Edgerton as the film”s villain and shooting began late in 2013, only to hit major delays during post-production. Relativity”s release date of August 29, 2014 came and went. A rescheduled February 2015 date found itself bumped again, with the picture now settled in an early September slot.

Now, we have photographic proof that “Jane Got a Gun” went before cameras. Unanimous Entertainment, one of the production companies behind the drama, unveiled a handful of photos grabbed from the movie. They look like stills from a Western. Portman wields a six-shooter. Edgerton dons a cowboy hat. Something wooden catches on fire. It's a Western. It”s real!

Though rewrites may have altered the original plot, “Jane Got a Gun” is believed to center on Jane (Portman), a frontier woman, her husband (Noah Emmerich), and Jane”s gunslinging ex-lover (Edgerton), as they defend themselves from a gnarly gang and its nefarious leader, John Bishop (McGregor). Bullets will fly.

Check out the photos below. “Jane Got a Gun” presumably arrives Sept. 4, 2015.