First Look: Bella, Edward and Jacob look pretty in new ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ stills

Twi-hards need look no further for a new glimpse at the upcoming final film in “The Twilight Saga.”

In these two brand new stills, we see the series’ always-easy-on-the-eyes starring trio. There’s Jacob (Taylor Lautner), the tempestuous teen wolf; Edward (Robert Pattinson), the suave older vampire; and Bella (Kristen Stewart), the innocent ingenue caught up in a supernatural world she never knew existed until she moved to rainy Forks, Wa. The below images look like they could’ve been pulled from any of the previous “Twilight” films, right?

But wait! Look at KStew’s eyes. They’re the same deathly red color as those of RPatz — she’s in vampire mode: 

Red looks good on her. It’s no spoiler that “Part 1” ended on a cliffhanger revealing that the presumed-deceased Bella was resurrected as a bloodsucker. This was after she gave birth to Edward’s baby, Renesmee. The Volturi know of the child, and a showdown is inevitable. Watch the teaser here.

Meanwhile, the new image of Lautner is less revelatory (he’s even wearing a shirt), but Team Jacob fans should enjoy yet another look at his steely gaze:

See these people actually move around when “The Twilight Saga:  Breaking Dawn Part II” opens nationwide November 16.