First Look: Pics of HBO’s Hitchcock and Hedren from ‘The Girl’

On Wednesday (August 1), Alfred Hitchcock’s “Vertigo” took over the top spot on Sight & Sound’s Critics’ List of the Greatest Films of All-Time, but on Wednesday afternoon, TV critics got a glimpse at a project that may not reflect so kindly on Hitch’s legacy.
“The Girl,” which premieres on HBO on October 20, is a telefilm that focuses on the increasingly obsessive relationship between Hitchcock and his “Birds” and “Marnie” star Tippi Hedren. It looks like creepy and disturbing stuff.
Gwyneth Hughes adapted “The Girl” from Donald Spoto’s “Spellbound By Beauty,” with Julian Jarrold directing. Toby Jones, under four hours of makeup, plays Hitchcock, with Sienna Miller playing Hedren.
HBO has released the first pile of pictures from “The Girl,” including shots of the uncanny transformation from Jones. 
“The Girl” premieres on October 20 on HBO.