First ‘SPECTRE’ trailer gives us a taste of Bond’s biggest adventure yet

“You're a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond.”

Last week, the boys finally saw their second James Bond movie. They'd previously seen “The Spy Who Loved Me,” which was a huge hit, and this time, they selected “You Only Live Twice,” which played better for the older movie nerd. It bored Allen silly, which is no surprise. I love the Connery era Bond films precisely because of the more measured pace and the way they take place in a button-down world where Bond is the splash of color. The Moore films are cartoons from start to finish with few exceptions, so they're easier for kids to enjoy.

I was glad they saw “You Only Live Twice” because it also introduced the idea of SPECTRE to them, and it's been clear since the moment Sony won the legal rights back to use that organization in their films that they were heading towards a big showdown with the greatest threat that James Bond has ever faced.

The new trailer, released today at 4:45 PM PDT, clearly lays out how this film is a direct sequel to all three of Craig's Bond films so far. We see glimpses of Mr. White here, and we see that M left something to Bond that hints at secrets about his own past.

Things I liked in this trailer? That first glimpse of a shadowy Blofeld. The weird “Eyes Wide Shut” variation on the Bond theme that we hear during that creepy SPECTRE meeting we see. And it looks like it's going to be another gorgeous entry in the series, something that hasn't always been true.

Anyone who complains that we don't see much should remember that they're still shooting right now, with some of the film's most complicated sequences still ahead. This is a surprisingly moody trailer considering what they've already done, and they seem to be releasing things the split-second they have them ready. I would also warn you… this trailer shows far more than you think it does. It's actually a fairly shocking bit of film marketing, but only once more of the story has been revealed. Bond fans, you should put this one under a microscope and start your guessing now.

There are some things that have me very nervous about this movie, but overall, I really like the Craig films, and I'm hoping this is a huge conclusion to the story they've been telling so far.

We'll see when “SPECTRE” arrives in US theaters November 6, 2015.