Listen: Foo Fighters and John Fogerty on ‘Fortunate Son’

05.20.13 5 years ago


When I wrote about hearing John Fogerty”s new album, “Wrote A Song For Everyone,” which pairs him with acts like Miranda Lambert, My Morning Jacket, Bob Seger and Keith Urban on some of his best-known songs, I raved about the raw energy of his remake of “Fortunate Son” with the Foo Fighters. Now you can hear for yourself.

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As he does on almost every song on the album,  Fogerty lets the guests take the first verse. Grohl sounds a little ragged as he leans into the anti-war song, but by the time he screams at the beginning of the third verse (and the two are trading lines), they are engaged in some major high octane stuff.  And that”s before they start the guitar shoot out.

The song is a sped-up version of the middle, plus it has the guitar bridge which is fun for guitar heads and is over fast enough for anyone who wants to get back to the main melody.

“Wrote A Song For Everyone” comes out May 28, on Fogerty”s 68th birthday.

Meanwhile, Grohl has been hanging out with some other vintage rockers: over the weekend, he was the latest guest to join The Rolling Stones on stage, following artists such as Urban, Gwen Stefani and Fogerty. He popped up in Anaheim, Calif.

Grohl joined the gang for a very spirited “Bitch,” jamming with Ronnie Wood and then singing with Mick Jagger. As always, Grohl looks like he”s having more fun than anyone else in the room, although you cen sense his inner fan boy freaking out a little bit…So much so that he never goes near Keith Richards, though Richards looks on appreciatively during Grohl”s guitar solo and Grohl goes over and hugs him at the end.

What do you think of “Fortunate Son?”

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