Foo Fighters played a tiny show in Virginia last night because of crowdfunding

Bless their hearts, as Southerners may say: Foo Fighters played Richmond, Va. for the first time in more than a decade-and-a-half last night, a goodwill gesture for a fan-funded gig.

Only about 1,400 die-hards who had kicked in $50 initially to a fund via Crowdhoster (now called Tilt) for even the possibility of a Foos concert at The National attended, but attend they did. Grohl & Co. played 23 songs and delivered some witty banter.

To put it in perspective, Foo Fighters played London's Olympic Park, to a cap of about 80,000 people, two days prior. And Just 11 songs.

Below are some vids from the event. And do you want to hear Dave Grohl's Gwar story? Of course you want to hear Dave Grohl's Gwar story.

The Crowdhoster organizers had this to say about their project when they launched. “Rather than waiting, and waiting and waiting for our favorite band to come to us, we”re making it happen… We”re selling tix to a Foo Fighters concert that the band doesn”t have scheduled yet in the hopes that they”ll come to our great city and play a show. Then if the band comes we all rock out. If they don”t come, everyone gets their money back. Every cent. So buy your tix, spread the word, and let”s make some rock-n-roll history.”

When word spread and the crowdsourcing project met its goal, wouldn't you know it: the Foos booked it. History, folks.

And, wouldn't you know, the Foos have a new album, “Sonic Highways,” due out