What would top winning four Grammys? For Sam Smith, ‘a boyfriend’

LOS ANGELES – “I loved sitting next to Rihanna”s dress tonight, it was like sitting next to a jellyfish.”

For Sam Smith, the entire Grammys night must have been equally surreal, as the new artist took home four major awards including, well, Best New Artist.

The Brit beamed backstage in the press room as he took questions from reporters, like what could top winning four honors.

“A boyfriend.”

Win. Where is he going after the show?

“To In & Out Burger.”

West Coasters applaud. Points. How do those golden gramophones feel in your arms?

“These are f*cking heavy.”

The “Stay With Me” singer also made fun of his own inspiration for his award-winning 2014 album “In the Lonely Hour,” mentioning “I need to kiss as many people as I can” to get moving on writing for the next record.

Watch the full interview below, with a bite-sized snippet above.

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