FOX renews ‘Hotel Hell,’ extends Gordon Ramsay’s dominion

FOX has picked up a second season of Gordon Ramsay’s “Hotel Hell,” because… of course it did.
Why wait until Friday evening on a holiday weekend to renew a show that absolutely everybody knew was going to be renewed anyway? We have no idea.
After multiple delays and night/time changes for its premiere, Ramsay’s latest exploration of the seedy underbelly of the hospitality industry has become the summer’s top new series among adults 18-49 (as well as a slew of other demos, including every possibly unit of measurement among young men).  
Given that “Hotel Hell,” which does for inns and hotels what “Kitchen Nightmares” did for restaurants, is the fourth jewel in Ramsay’s growing FOX empire, there was never the slightest chance on earth that it wouldn’t continue beyond this initial run of episodes.
“With ‘Hotel Hell,’ Gordon has proved once again that he”s one of the most successful and appealing personalities on television,” blurbs FOX Reality Guru Mike Darnell. “He delivered an amazing new show for us this summer that fans immediately embraced, and I can”t wait for him to get started on an even more exciting Season Two.”
Adds Ramsay, “The response to ‘Hotel Hell’ has been truly extraordinary, and we”re really excited to have the opportunity to turn around many more hotels in dire need of intervention.”
The two-hour finale of “Hotel Hell” airs on Monday, September 3 (making this wave of promotion the actual reason for FOX’s renewal timing, presumably).