Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill for’ moves to August of 2014

As it turn out, we are all going to have even longer to wait for the long awaited sequel to “Sin City.” The new film, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill for” has moved from a release date of this October 4th all the way to August 22nd of 2014. 

“A Dame to Kill for,” as with the original, is directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez and based on the world created in Frank Miller’s graphic novels. The film features Josh Brolin (stepping into Clive Owen’s role in the original), Eva Green, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt amongst others.
The first “Sin City” was released in 2005 and grossed over $150 million worldwide. The highly stylized film garnered mostly positive reviews and has had many folks hoping for a follow-up. While discussions of a sequel have been around for a long time, a press release in April of 2012 confirmed that the film was gearing up for production. Earlier this year, Rodriguez even tweeted a couple of pictures from set.
Hopefully, this delay only means good things for the film and not trouble.