Watch Franz Ferdinand’s trippy new ‘Love Illumination’ video

Fall down the rabbit hole in Franz Ferdinand”s very strange Timothy Saccetti-directed video for “Love Illumination.”

The band plays inside a slightly too small black and white box, while a kaleidoscope of seeming disparate images go by, from people in animal masks, men in drag, robotic modern dancers,  assorted geometric images and topless women (man, it is really open season on them now, isn”t it, between Robin Thicke”s “Blurred Lines” and Justin Timberlake”s “Tunnel Vision,” and now this). We”re especially partial to the two people dressed as a horse.

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 It”s an acid flashback of a video that fits the new wave, hypnotic rock song, the new single from “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action” the Scottish group”s fourth studio album, out Aug. 27.  See Franz Ferdinand’s “Right Action” video here.

The new album is the quartet”s follow up to 2009″s “Tonight.”