‘Friday Night Lights’ star selected for The CW’s ‘Selection’ pilot

Aimee Teegarden has landed the lead in “The Selection,” a CW pilot we’re all contractually required to refer to as “Hunger Games”-esque.
Based on the yet-to-be-released series of young adults books by Kiera Cass, “The Selection” focuses on a dystopic society 300 years in the future, in which 35 young women compete for the chance to literally marry a prince.
According to TVLine.com, Teegarden will play the lead role in “The Selection,” a character who may or may not be named “America Singer” and who may or may not already be in love with a boy named Aspen.
The first “Selection” book will hit shelves on April 24. Here’s the full plot synopsis. Don’t laugh.
The “Selection” pilot is being scripted by Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain.
Teegarden is best known for her five-season run as Julie Taylor on “Friday Night Lights.” Her feature credits include a lead role in “Prom” and a cameo in “Scream 4.”