‘Friday the 13th’ producer explains delays for series, calls new script ‘great’

05.19.16 3 years ago

After too many fits and starts to count, it appears that the next installment of the Friday the 13th franchise is back on track and ready to slay at the box office.

In an interview with This is Infamous, producer Brad Fuller explained why Jason and his hockey mask have been absent since 2009″s Friday the 13th, this despite numerous pronouncements that a film was in active development. In fact, at different times both Warner Bros and Paramount went so far as to announce release dates for the film that never was.

“There have been false starts, some of them self-created,” Fuller said. “I was not excited, and I”ve said…I didn”t want to do a ‘found footage” version of that movie. And there were some people who wanted that to happen. As long as that was the case, I was dragging my feet because I thought we”d get killed. And it didn”t feel like the right way to make the movie.”

Fuller added that he”s confident that the horror flick is now headed in the right direction. He”s added Aaron Guzikowski to write the script which Fuller calls “really great.”

Since the series began in 1980, there have been 12 different Friday the 13th movies. During that time, they”ve made a killing, bringing in an unadjusted $465 million.

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