Fun Fun Fun Festival: Ice-T, The Walkmen, The Julie Ruin among first lineup adds

Last year was my first Fun Fun Fun Festival and it was, indeed, FunX3. It’s an Austin-based variety festival for bands who are slightly left of center for most garden variety mainstream (despite the fact that Icona Pop blew up). There’s the metal/hard rock/post-punk/hardcore stage, one for dance and hip-hop hybrids and one for That Time You Finally Saw Bob Mould.

This year, the fest is already looking eclectic, with organizers announcing the first round of lineup additions. Ice-T is taking a break from “SVU” and reality TV to return to rapping on stage. Ice-T’s been threatening to release an album of new studio tracks for the first time since 2006, so maybe his show will be promoting that. Who do you think he’ll bring as special guests?

Bikini Kill icon Kathleen Hanna will be promoting her return to the stage with The Julie Ruin, who have an album due this year. Bonobo, New York rockers Judge and The Walkmen are also on slate.

Fun Fun Fun Fest will take place in Austin over Nov. 8-10. The full lineup will be available on July 9, though I’m sure more announcements will occur in the meantime. Check out the lineup “leak” video below, which contains footage from the ’80s that will make you pine for the ’80s.