When ‘Game Of Thrones’ Recast Her Role, This Princess Had The Best Reaction

Being cast on HBO's “Game of Thrones” is hazardous. At any moment your character could be maimed or killed, usually without warning…although in hindsight it is always ALWAYS due their own poor life choices.

But there is another threat. The threat of recast. Whether blowing through Gregor Clegane actors like tissue paper, finding a new Tommen Baratheon to take the throne, replacing Daario Naharis with a hotter upgrade, or just casting actors to replace previously used placeholders, no one is safe from the diabolical casting department.

The most recent casualty is Aimee Richardson who played Princess Myrcella Baratheon for the first two seasons of the show. Shipped off to Dorne for “her own safety” by Uncle Tyrion, Myrcella's role is about to expand. To that end HBO decided actress Free Tiger Nell was a better fit for Myrcella's upcoming story arc. Upon hearing the news, Richardson took to social media to respond because making a Vine is how the yet unnamed demographic behind Millennials communicates.


Richardson tweeted her request for work along with a short, concise note.


It didn't take long before the Vine, and Richardson's sense of humor, spread like wildfire through the Internet. Droves of people flocked to her Twitter account and she reacted with humble hilarity.


The new Myrcella has yet to respond on social media but really, how do you follow that? Unless they make a follow-up Vine where Free helps Richardson to her feet and they hug. Actually yeah, that sounds good. Let's hug it out guys!

[Via The Mary Sue]