Game of Thrones: “Oathbreaker” Season 6 Episode 3 Review

Warning: Full spoilers for Game of Thrones: “Oathbreaker” and some mentions from the book follow…

One of the challenges inherent in brining a series like George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire to life is that fans of the book series have had years to speculate about the mysteries that live within the text.

The popularity of the HBO adaptation means that show watchers are — in large part — now equally familiar with the readers' most prevalent theories…The result is that many of us have spent the first three episodes of Game of Thrones' sixth season waiting for R+L = J to play out.

Is that a failing on the part of some of the viewership? Or is there another way the creators may have handles the early part of this season?

If you don't know what R + L = J means, you may want to hop out now.

In the video above and below, Roth Cornet and Donna Dickens talk about all of the events of “Oathbreaker” and ask if we're all just biding time waiting for that ONE event.

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