Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 ‘Book of the Stranger’ Review

Warning: spoilers for Game of Thrones, season 6, episode 4 “Book of the Stranger” follow…

Tonight's Game of Thrones saw the return of a few beloved characters, though one all too briefly. We also saw Sansa and Daenerys become very active in their own fates, and make decisions that look to propel both their individual storylines and the show in far more interesting directions.

Plus, LITTLEFINGER IS BACK, which is always a very good thing for Game of Thrones. It was an hour filled with uneasy alliances, awkward dinners, and a brand new couple to ship. Torienne, anyone?

In the video above or below Roth Cornet and Donna Dickens talk about the events of “Book of the Stranger,” which seemed to prove without doubt that Tyrion and Daenerys could be an unstoppable pair.

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Donna: @MildlyAmused