‘Game of Thrones’ spin-off? George R.R. Martin has ideas.

As the wildly-popular series Game of Thrones begins to wind down, it”s only reasonable to wonder if a spin-off is in the offing. According to GoT creator George R.R. Martin, if HBO is looking for source material for a possible next show, he”s got it.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Martin said, “There are eight million stories in Westeros…and even more in Essos and the lands beyond. A whole world full of stories, waiting to be told…if indeed HBO is interested.”

This begs the question, which one does Martin think would make for the best next project? He”s seemingly thought this through in great detail.

“The most natural follow-up would be an adaptation of my Dunk and Egg stories,” he said. “Each of the novellas could easily be done as a two-hour stand-alone movie for television; that would probably be the ideal way to do them, rather than as an ongoing weekly series.”

The Tales of Dunk and Egg are a series of stories Martin first began in the late 1990s, publishing the last of three in 2010. In a 2014 blog post, Martin said of the project, “There has been interest, yes, but the rights situation is complicated.” He went on to add that if the project went somewhere other than HBO, producers would need to scrub references to House Targaryen, the Iron Throne and anything really from GoT.

But perhaps we”re getting ahead of ourselves. The new season of Game of Thrones kicks off on April 24.