With Tormund Beyond The Wall On ‘Game Of Thrones,’ We May Never See Him And Brienne Of Tarth Together Like This

Maybe it was the love that was never meant to be. Tormund Giantsbane: leader of the Free Folk and lover of chicken, and Brienne of Tarth, honorable knight and keeper of oaths, may never be together. Fans want it to happen, maybe some of the people in Winterfell want it to happen, and Tormund definitely wants it to happen, but it could be too late for the awkward romance. Tormund is on a suicide mission to capture a wight beyond the wall with Jon Snow and the rest of his elite crew of bastards and badasses.

But this is Tormund’s own fault. Maybe he could’ve found love with Brienne had he not acted like such a creep. Gwendoline Christie even said that the relationship had to be based on respect, not leering.

That didn’t stop Giantsbane actor Kristofer Hivju from making an interesting video showing what could’ve been between Tormund and Brienne. The video, starts out with Tormund introducing himself to his love, which quickly turns into a clash of swords until tempers cool and the amour heats up. Then, they embrace, kissing and declaring their love for each other.

Will this action figure romance actually play out, or will we lose Tormund in the episodes to come?