Game of Thrones: Wait, are the Lannister twins just DUMB?

05.16.16 3 years ago

Warning: spoilers for Game of Thrones season 6 through episode 4 follow…

This Sunday's Game of Thrones episode, “The Book of the Stranger,” saw Cersei and Jaime Lannister make an uneasy — though on the surface logical — alliance in order to wrest power away from the fanatical religious militants The Sparrows and reclaim the Queen Mother's dignity. It may have been the worst mistake they ever made, though.

The brother/sister lovers joined forces with the Tyrell matriarch Lady Olenna, which if taken at face value was the absolute right thing to do. However, once the Tyrell army arrives, The Sparrows are dealt with, and the Queen of Thorns has both Queen Margaery and her brother Loras back in safe keeping, what's to stop her from seizing power from the Lannister twins?

In a sense, they are now little more than political baggage to their own family. Cersei is frequently driven by her baser desires. Not just lust, but greed and revenge and hubris. In fact, that's precisely what landed her in the hands of The Sparrows to begin with: her desire to best Margaery based on real or imagined slights.

Sure, the Cersei has FrankenMountain (Gregor Clegane) at her disposal, but this last season has demonstrated just how heavily the twins relied on the political savvy of their father and brother. With both Tyrion and Tywin gone, are Jaime and Cersei without the skill to manage the serpent's nest they've survived in all of these years?

How much can one zombie Mountain do against an entire army, after all? Do the twins have something else up their sleeve/s? Or, will an ally once again come to their rescue?

Here, Roth Cornet and Donna Dickens talk about Jaime and Cersei's plan to take their power back, and its very obvious pitfalls.

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