Gender fluidity, no nudity, and sink plungers: ‘Doctor Who’ on Series 9

This year “Doctor Who” returned to San Diego Comic-Con and expectations were higher than ever.

Peter Capaldi – who plays the 12th Doctor – was on hand for his first taste of the Comic-Con experience. Jenna Coleman, Michelle Gomez, and showrunner Steven Moffat all joined him for the “Doctor Who” panel where the first trailer for Series 9 was shown.

But that was only the beginning. HitFix Harpy caught up with each of them before the panel to get the scoop on the upcoming season and play a game or two. Of course, interviews of this nature seldom stay on topic for very long. But the results are always entertaining!

Peter Capaldi's On Becoming a Celebrity Story Is Very British

You wouldn”t know it”s Capaldi”s first Comic-Con. The man is an old pro at spinning a good tale and promoting his show at the same time.

Is Clara TARDIS Consumed and What's Jenna Coleman's Best Fan Gift?

Fans send celebrities gifts all the time. But out of everything she”s received, one item stands out in particular!

Don't Expect a Full-Frontal from Michelle Gomez, But Expect… More

You can tell just how much Michelle Gomez loves chewing the scenery as Missy.

Gender Is Fluid to “Doctor Who” Creator Steven Moffat

Several years ago, Steven Moffat wouldn”t even entertain the idea of the Doctor regenerating into a woman. Now, he seems open to the idea. It just goes to show that people can change and creators are open to new directions and voices.