‘Girl Meets World’ Trailer: Cory Still Rules?

Cory and Topanga of the classic ABC sitcom “Boy Meets Word” have already evolved a lot in front of us. Cory used to be a gawky, exasperated kid, and he grew up to be a deadpan, still exasperated guy. Topanga began middle school as a loopy space cadet, but she became a downright normal adult. Now they're parents on the spinoff series “Girl Meets World.” How would Feeny grade their child-rearing skills? I'd say a C+. Based on the above trailer, they're sympathetic but a little schmaltzy. And for some reason they feel obligated to reference the series' title as if it matters to any of us. Anyway: Cory (Ben Savage) still has adorable comic delivery. That's worthy of a viewing.