‘Glamour Beards’ is what happens when hipster facial hair meets ’80s glam photos

10.09.13 6 years ago 2 Comments

Reddit is a wild, woolly and wonderful place (not to mention lots of other adjectives starting with the letter “w”), where all kinds of incredible things can happen – including stuff like this and like this. Enter “Glamour Beards”, a disturbing/delightful collection of images that is what happens when you Photoshop the faces of bearded men onto ridiculously overwrought ’80s glamour shots. The brainchild of this amazing concept appears to be Reddit user “cyclopath,” whose comment history includes but is not limited to the following gems: “I had that exact statue! I got it from my great grandma along with a set of frogs with incredibly detailed human genitals painted on them,” “Especially during the ritual of symbolic cannibalism” and “I’d rather shower with a drunken angry clown.” All of which begs the question: is there some sort of an award we can give to this person?

(via BroMyGod)

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