‘Glee’ cast address spin-off and graduation controversy while celebrating ‘Glee the 3D Concert Movie’

08.10.11 8 years ago

Attention Gleeks!  HitFix got a chance to attend the press conference for the upcoming Glee: The 3D Concert Movie and we got some info about the film, who we won’t be seeing until the DVD release, the graduation/spin off gossip, worshiping Barbara Streisand and what this show has meant to fans all over the world.

[Check out brand new images of Chris Colfer and Darren Chris from “Glee the 3D Concert Movie.”]

The big news out of the press conference was that, though Jane Lynch appeared via video for most of the tour and made a special live performance that was filmed for the movie, she won’t be appearing until the DVD release.  Surprising, because she jokingly warns audiences off the film in theatrical trailer.  Other things you won’t be seeing is Jenna Ushkowitz singing “True Colors” and the cast’s rendition of “Single Ladies,” which was performed during the live tour.

The film doesn’t just feature a live concert performance.  It also gives us a look at fans from all different walks of life, explaining why Glee has had such an impact on their lives and helped them through hard times.  Amber Riley talked about the importance of reaching out to fans of the show, saying, “One of the great things about this show is Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, we get letters and Tweets from fans telling us how each character has touched them in some way, how they changed them in some way. I don”t know about them, I can”t take the credit. We have really great writers. I think those kids are just brave by watching the show and identifying with it, coming out and being themselves.”  One particularly touching story involved a young man who was outed by his best friend in 8th grade without his consent.  It was widely discussed before the conference started and Chris Colfer talked about reaching out to the LGBT community.  “It”s crazy when you represent such a select community. The stories that you hear are heartbreaking and inspiring. They always thank you so much when it”s really them who are brave and the strong ones.”

Along those lines, Naya Rivera and Heather Morris remarked on the Brittany and Santana storyline and what that has meant for fans.  Rivera said, “Heather and I both receive letters from teenage girls who are struggling with their sexuality. Since we”ve tapped into that now they kind of have something to look up to that wasn”t on television before in that way. We hear countless stories. I know Heather met someone at a meet-and-greet that was like, ‘Thank you. I came out to my parents because of you guys.”

“I get letters like that too. I think it”s great.”  Morris added, “Girls are just more quiet about it. Growing up, I had a handful of girlfriends that weren”t sure and probably just kept it under wraps. It wasn”t as accepted to say it out loud, so I think it”s just easier for some people now.”

The cast is in character for the entire film, and Lea Michelle’s Rachel Berry is famously a fan of Barbara Streisand (And really, who isn’t?)  She talked about how life imitates art in this way when she was asked if she was a real life fan.  “Oh, yeah, for sure. I did get to meet her and I held it together and cried when she walked away. But to answer your other question as far as whether we”re in our characters or not, we got to shoot these really fun, little backstage things with (Writer/Producer) Ryan Murphy where he was interviewing us in character. Some of us on stage, if they wanted to really embody their character, they did. I kind of feel like I did a nice blend of Rachel and Lea while I was on stage performing. We are our characters but at the same time when we walk off stage we are ourselves.”

Riley told us that during the times they’re not singing or dancing, the cast tried to crack performing cast up. 

“You make them laugh while they”re trying to do their lines — like when they have to do a crying scene and be serious, you make faces. You have to entertain yourself,” Riley says as laughs break out.  But she was quick to point out that it was in a very supportive way.  “I get to watch what I think are the future”s brightest stars, seriously, and watching them is amazing. So, I”m getting a personal performance. When everybody”s watching it on TV, I”m actually in the room. So, I”m listening to Broadway”s next biggest stars and our next great singers. I”m their biggest fans.”

She also quickly addressed the controversy about the graduation of the characters at the end of next season and spin off rumors.  “I think that the great thing is that this movie is going to put a lot of things in perspective for people and they”ll get back to what the show is really about. It”s not about gossip. It”s not about drama. It”s about these kids that are connected to every one of our characters. Our characters have literally grown up with them and we are helping them through adolescence, junior high and high school. So, I”m hoping that”s what this movie is going to do.”

Cory Monteith talked about the boundary pushing that the show tends to do in terms of sexual content.  “I think the show explores a lot of mature content and it pushes a lot of boundaries. Maybe it”s crossed the line a few times. But I think what”s really important about the show is it brings these topics of conversation up for discussion and into people”s awareness and challenges ideas. It”s a responsibility.”

“Glee the 3D Concert Movie” opens nationwide and in 3D on Friday.

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