Golden Globes: J.K. Simmons admits meeting Benedict Cumberbatch was ‘awesome’

BEVERLY HILLS – Don't worry, J.K. Simmons loves Benedict Cumberbatch too.

“I got to meet Benedict Cumberbatch in Palm Springs, that was awesome,” said the Best Supporting Actor winner backstage at the Golden Globe awards. “And then he was up on stage helping give an award.”

Speaking of awards, Simmons was backstage because of “Whiplash,” in which the actor plays an abusive jazz teacher tutoring a young drummer (Miles Teller) at an exclusive music academy. Unlike the man he plays, the actor said he prefers a “kinder, gentler” approach to mentoring.

“I don”t respond well to being screamed at or physically abused and fortunately have had very few occasions where I have had to deal with anyone close to that,” said Simmons. “The best advice I would give to a young artist, musician or actor or whatever, is just to keep doing it and to work hard at developing a strong foundation.”

While “Whiplash” is currently cleaning up with critics (Simmons is also widely expected to receive an Oscar nomination), the actor admits it's far from his most popular role.

“Recently I've gotten 'You're the guy from…'Portal 2',' which is a video game, I did a voice on it,” he said of what he gets recognized most for. “It runs the gamut. I mean, there's certainly been plenty of J. Johan Jameson, which will always be a great thing to be recognized for. And god knows more people will see the Farmers commercials than probably every film I will ever do put together.”