Google maps tells us 2 VERY magical locations are close to each other

10.25.16 3 years ago

I always knew you could find some fun/weird stuff on Google Maps and Street View, but now you can find magical creatures and sorcerers! Both Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Doctor Strange have New York City locations and Google has revealed a special Easter egg for both.

Marvel Comics has always pulled from real-world locales for their stories and the Sanctum Sanctorum, Dr. Stephen Strange's home, is one of them. We'll see it in the upcoming Marvel film, but Google (or Marvel, or both) decided to have a bit of fun and let us spot it on a map.

Empire Magazine's Chris Hewitt apparently discovered it first, but you need to type “Doctor Strange”s Sanctum Sanctorum” in order to get the actual name to pop up.

Entertainment Weekly says folks have even been leaving reviews, though I haven't been able to duplicate that result myself. One apparently wrote, “I came in for just a headache, the good doctor also cured my demonic possession and gave my aura a facelift. Now that”s service!”

Oddly enough, Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum is right near one of the Fantastic Beasts locations – the Blind Pig. Located at 124 Macdougal St., and not to be confused with a bar with the same name on 14th St., it's the magical speakeasy we've seen in the trailers and posters for the J.K. Rowling film.

The description says it's open 24 hours a day and its description reads: “Underground speakeasy open to witches & wizards (if they know the secret knock). No-Maj? No Entry.” Daily Dot says the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) has its own Google Maps marker as well and you'll be able to explore a bit of both areas with Street View but those particular spots haven't updated for me yet. Can you spot them?

(via Nerdist)

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