‘Goonies 2’ is happening according to director Richard Donner

Goonies never say die.

And neither does “Goonies” director Richard Donner, apparently.

After years of rumors about a sequel to the Steven Spielberg-produced 1985 hit about pint-sized treasure hunters, Donner says that it's really happening.

Donner — who hasn't directed a film since the Bruce Willis bomb “16 Blocks” in 2006 — told TMZ “We're doing a sequel.” When asked which cast members will return, he answered, “Hopefully, all of them.”

Take Donner's claim with a grain of salt, however, as the film's now-grown actors, including “Lord of the Rings” star Sean Astin, have been making similar claims for years now. 

“Goonies” also starred Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Jonathan Ke Quan, Jeff Cohen, Kerri Green and Martha Plimpton. It grossed $61 million in the U.S., making it one of the 10 biggest box office hits of that year (which also included “Back to the Future,” “Rocky IV” and “Rambo: First Blood Part II”). 

Donner also directed “Superman: The Movie” and the “Lethal Weapon” films. 

Would you like to see a “Goonies” sequel?