‘Gotham’ And ‘Supergirl’ Go To War On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on Gotham, Gordon compromised his morals still further, the Penguin was on the receiving end of an absolutely brutal confession, Bruce hung out with hippies on a mountain, and Nygma continued to lose his mind. Which is pretty much what this episode offers us more of, except there are even more supervillains as Penguin recruits some of Fish’s buddies to fight. Considering this plotline’s been dangling since more or less the beginning of the season, it’s about time really. And we’re confident it won’t go horribly wrong, because how could unleashing insane supervillains on Gotham possibly do that? We’ll find out tonight at 8pm ET on Fox. Meanwhile, over in the CW’s DC-verse…

Supergirl last week rather refreshingly dealt with the whole issue of how nobody recognizes Superman in those glasses by revealing that, um, those glasses are a terrible disguise. This week, however, it appears that Rhea (Teri Hatcher) will be sending superpowered kids against Supergirl, possibly with the help of one Lena Luthor. But, of course, we all know Lena, despite her mommy issues, is good at playing the long game. But we’ll find out tonight at 8pm EST, on the CW. Join us, won’t you?