The ‘Gotham’ Cast Gives An Inside Look At Season 5

Entertainment Editor

Gotham‘s final season premieres on January 3rd, and FOX has been teasing this season’s “No Man’s Land” arc with numerous videos and interviews. Now they’ve also released three more of the (perhaps spoiler-ish) episode titles and an “inside look” video (above), in which some of the lead actors talk about the storylines that will be wrapping up this season. They also explain why Selina Kyle (future Catwoman) has literal cat eyes in a previous video; the same “transformation” that cures her paralysis has some side effects.

Several villains make an appearance in the video, but there are a couple of villains we’re never going to see on Gotham. Showrunner John Stephens revealed earlier this year that there were two villains he wanted to use but never got a chance to fit into the storylines they’re juggling. He told Comic Book that Ventriloquist was “the big one that we didn’t do,” and there was one more that didn’t work out. “I’ve been trying to get Condiment King in for five years, but every time I pitch Condiment King, people are like, ‘we’re not going to be doing Condiment King.'” [Editorial note: those people were wrong and just can’t handle so much flavor.]

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