The ‘Gotham’ Extended Trailer Teases Batman Visions And The New Poison Ivy

FOX dropped a five minute long video to promote the back end of Gotham Season 4. It recaps the first half of the season, and then the new footage starts at about the three minute mark.

The new footage keeps up the guessing game about whether or not Jerome is the Joker. Though it seems he’s probably not, or at least not exactly. (This show is so bonkers that any way they handle his character arc probably won’t seem out of place.)

The new footage also features the third actress to play the once-again-transformed Poison Ivy. Now she’s being played by Peyton List, and she has gained a deadly new superpower and a mission to go after everyone working on a project for Wayne Enterprises. Speaking of Wayne Enterprises, let’s check in on how Bruce Wayne is doing:

Via Fox / Youtube

Hmm, he’s hallucinating about a gravel-voiced guy dressed as a bat who then dissolves into a cloud of actual bats. Sheesh. These rich kids and their ayahuasca.

Anyway, the trailer makes it clear the characters are starting to figure out who they are, with Jim Gordon finally the Captain of the Gotham PD, Selena Kyle and Bruce Wayne getting along again, Lee Thompkins trying to rebuild the Narrows, Poison Ivy acquiring her poisonous powers at last, Penguin finding a new friend in Jerome, and Bruce Wayne hallucinating his future self. We’ll see how it all shakes out when Season 4 returns Thursday, March 1st on FOX.

(Via Deadline and Gotham)