We just learned something DEVASTATING about Baby Groot

James Gunn has once again answered fan questions online, mostly about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and inadvertently broke my heart. Check out the details he gave about Vin Diesel's Baby Groot in the Marvel film.

Gunn made the reveal himself so your mileage on whether or not this is a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 SPOILER may vary. Proceed at your own risk.

Yesterday I showed you the director and Diesel's “Groot version” of the Guardians sequel script as well as the actor's incredibly emotional response to some footage. Now I might have an idea why he was tearing up.

Once again, Gunn took to his Facebook page to run down a few of his frequently asked questions. Or, as he puts it, “REALLY FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.” Gunn doesn't usually give too much away when talking details about his films but this time was different.

The topic of Baby Groot is what I focused on in the sea of silliness. First, the light stuff:

– Is Vin Diesel doing baby Groot's voice?


– How the hell is that gonna happen? Vin's voice is deep.

Vin is an actor and capable of doing many voices. His Carol Channing is famous in Hollywood.

And then the darkness:

– Is baby Groot the same as Groot, or Groot's son?

It's complicated.

– Does he have Groot's memories?


Oh… oh my god…

That means… all of their adventures… are gone.

How DARE you put these feelings in me, James Gunn. You monster.