‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Is Testing Better Than Any Marvel Film In History

The second Guardians of the Galaxy film is finally at our doorsteps and the hype couldn’t be more exciting. Which makes perfect sense, given how fond people were of the first installment and how amazing the trailers have been for this go-around with the Guardians crew. Now, besides the trailers and the plot, fans might have another concrete reason to look forward to the movie’s May 5th release. Namely, that it is currently testing higher than any other Marvel film in history. Three weeks out from the official release date, the Hollywood Reporter says that the movie is heading for an $150M opening weekend.

There is still a lot of time left before it is time for the masses to see the finished product, but the rollicking space adventure is currently testing at a nigh-unprecedented 100 score with preview audiences. Based on how popular the first movie ended up being, off of basically no expectations, this bodes more than well for the highly-anticipated sequel. Test audiences aren’t infallible, but an 100 score means that even with some movement towards the negative side when a more balanced crowd is allowed to see it that the movie is shaping up to make not only a ton of money but be critically appreciated as well. Blast your favorite Fleetwood Mac album (Tusk!), because this chapter in the Guardians saga is about to be a rocking good time.

(via The Hollywood Reporter