Haley Joel Osment, Yara Martinez talk ‘Alpha House’ politics

11.14.13 6 years ago

You may miss Haley Joel Osment in the pilot of “Alpha House” (his character doesn’t step from the shadows until we’re a few episodes into the season), but he’s sure to have an impact. As Shelby, an eager young reporter for the Reno Gazette assigned to cover Senator Laffer (Matt Malloy), he might be just doing his job — or maybe looking for dirt to dig. Go ahead, say it — Shelby just has a sixth sense about these things. 

His co-star Yara Martinez plays Adriana, one of the biggest lobbyists in Washington D.C. who quickly becomes the live-in girlfriend of Senator Guzman (Mark Consuelos). Though it would seem like fun to get a pass to make out with Kelly Ripa’s husband, sweating under hot lights and apologizing for coffee breath isn’t that hot after all. Yara seems to be out for a good time, but don’t be fooled — she’s likely smarter than anyone else in the room and very skilled at pulling strings. Guzman may not realize what he’s in for.

While we talked about “Alpha House” and what’s ahead for these characters, we also talked about “Breaking Bad” and why people who reveal spoilers kinda suck (Yara hasn’t watched the finale yet, so keep it to yourself). No spoilers here about “Alpha House” — you can watch for yourself when the show debuts on Amazon Nov. 15.

Will you be watching “Alpha House” on Amazon? 

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