‘Hannibal’ recasts Michael Pitt’s role

“Hannibal” recasts Michael Pitt”s role
Pitt has opted not to return as meat-packing magnate Mason Verger for Season 3, according to TV Line. So he”ll be replaced by actor Joe Anderson.

Facebook teams with HLN for a TV pilot
Details of the partnership are sketchy, but the pilot will make use of the popular social network without being “The Facebook Show.”

The Lucas Brothers to star in a Fox sitcom based on their lives
“22 Jump Street” stars Keith and Kenny Lucas, who already have a connection with Fox via their ADHD series “Lucas Bros. Moving Co.,” will play siblings who dropped out of law school to pursue their dreams.

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Here”s an annotated list of every celebrity on “The Colbert Report” finale
Not mentioned: Colbert”s children were also in attendance.

“Once Upon a Time” casts Ernie Hudson as King Poseidon
He”ll also play the father of Ursula, as played by Merrin Dungey.

Phil Keoghan: Friday “Amazing Race” has led to more online buzz
Overnight ratings may be down, but Keoghan says “people are watching it over more days and so we've had the highest +3 pick-up we've ever had. So instead of it just being one thing that's happening on a Sunday, it's stretching out over the weekend and then into the following week.” PLUS: See Keoghan”s behind-the-scenes photos.

“New Girl” bringing back Justin Long and Josh Gad
They”ll reprise their respective roles as Paul and Bearclaw.